Our Yoga Foundations program is for anyone who wants to begin a yoga practice or those who want a refresher course before taking on more challenging practices. Teacher Heather Namaste breaks the basics of yoga down for you in 4 weekly practices that get progressively more intense. We created these for any body, any flexibility level with alternative pose options offered throughout the course. But that doesn’t mean you won’t break a sweat. Get stronger, more flexible, and connect to your inner spark.


These 5-15 minute meditation and Breathwork practices will help you clear out a cluttered mind and reconnect to your inner peace – it exists. Choose one and practice it daily for a week or a month to build the meditation habit, or choose a practice as needed. Lovingkindness when you’re feeling down, Exhale when you’re anxious, So Hum when you want to dive deeper.


Help your body shift out of the fight-or-flight stress response that we tend to live in. That stress response isn’t just from working out hard, it comes from being online and connected non-stop, from living in 24-7 times. When we’re stressed, our adrenals get drained, blood pressure rises, we can have digestive issues and chronic health problems. Our recovery practices aim to heal mind, body and spirit through a mix of practices that stretch body and mind, target the meridian energy channels, and even put you into a deep state of rest. When your body is able to rest, your mind calms, your flexibility increases, and you can heal.
yoga for sleep


Rebel360 Yoga for Sleep is a soothing mix of bedtime yoga and meditation practices that will calm your mind and get your body in sleep mode.

Rebel 360 Yoga is for everybody. It doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned yogi, your feet have never touched a yoga mat, or your practice falls somewhere in between. There’s always a place for you here. We keep things simple with no dogma to follow. All you have to do is breathe and move your way to feeling your best. With regular practice, you’ll not only become stronger and more flexible in body and mind, but you’ll also touch into your own inner peace. Grab your mat and join us.

Daily Practice